Realise the full potential of your build.

Etopia do not supply any products within this section.

The below information should only be used as a guiding principle in best practice for your build, in order to maximise the effectiveness of the SIP and the overall performance of the superstructure.

Energy technology

Windows and doors

To optimise the performance of your homes, choosing high-level U-Value performance will complement the structural technology and performance of the superstructure provided by Etopia.

Simply put, better performing doors and windows will result in a more efficient building and higher U-Value. The final specification of the doors and windows is determined by the customer, meaning that, whether you want to be building regulations compliant, Future Homes Standard, or Passive House standard of airtightness, you can achieve your goals with our system.

Foundation types

As long as the foundations/substructure is within tolerance, there is a solution we can not work with.