Fabric-first sustainable
modern construction.

A sustainable system for any scale of development.



A fast and tidy system, for efficient and effective house building.

The large panel format construction process delivers an average house superstructure in as little as three days on site.

Etopia system benefits:

Flexible design

Etopia can replicate your existing designs or create brand new designs using the panellised system, which are produced with BIM.

Flexible aesthetic

Our build system allows for any exterior/interior finish, to meet the desired look and feel for your designs, including facades, roof, and flooring options.

Flexible delivery

The scale of production is driven by orders. As such, small and large-scale schemes can be accommodated for.

Construction speed

A typical superstructure can be completed in two days with the large panel format: as fast as volumetric and timber frame.

Development savings

Savings through reduced labour, materials, waste, and time. Other potential savings include foundations, prelims, and scaffolding.

Efficient use of land

The panel is thinner than traditional brick and block and other MMC panels which can increase the gross internal area up to 16%.

Green finance

The system can allow developers to secure green development finance and customers may secure green mortgages.

Quality control

Quality assurance of the superstructure is managed by a state-of-the-art software.

Site safety

The system produces minimal waste, thus cleaner sites than traditional. This reduces the risk of slips trips and falls and falling objects.

Etopia system performance:

Energy performance

With the system an EPC rating of 107/100 is achievable. It currently meets The Future Home Standard for ‘Zero Carbon Ready’.


With the joining mechanism, buildings can achieve an airtightness of 0.32m³/hr/m² at 50Pa. FHS requires 8.00 m³/hr/m² at 50Pa.

Fire resistance

Tested to BS EN 1365-1 to achieve a 60 minute fire rating. ‘The system’ (as defined in the tests) fails at seventy-seven minutes.


The System U-value is 0.144 W/m²K (BS EN ISO 10211). The Future Home Standard requires only 0.18 W/m²K.


Exceeds the Interim and The Future Homes standard (2021 and 2025), and future-proofs homes from potential costly retrofits.

Wind resistance

The System has adequate strength and stiffness to resist wind, dead and imposed loads likely to be experienced in extreme weather conditions up to 27.40kph (472mph).

Stacking strength

A structural loading strength of 82 tonnes. We can build up to five stories without any structural support or metal infrastructure.

Panel strength

The axial compression strength for line load adopted is 122 kN/m (BS EN 1052-1). The eccentric compression strength adopted for a uniformly distributed load is 89 kN/m.

Acoustic deflection

The system ensures that you will achieve part E compliance for airborne sound resistance and has been tested to achieve 50dB (BS EN ISO 10140-2).

Download a copy of our brochure.

Download a copy of our brochure.

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